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CanLight Immigration Services company incorporated under Canada’s federal laws and registered in the province of Quebec. Our firm provides tailor- made and simplified solutions to applicants seeking to immigrate to Canada. We are professional Consultants and always striving for significant outcomes. We evaluate each case accurately based on uniqueness of matter, utilize the professional strategies to find most efficient solution, minimize or eliminate the risk of failing or refusing, and contribute to successful cases for applicants while ensuring case is concluded in timely manner. When you work with us you should expect a collaboration with transparency, commitment and consistency.

  • Our team shares optimism and competency under the direction of Alireza Gerami nejad , as RCIC , the membership number # R706257, a graduate of Immigration Law program in Canada, the high standing member of College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) which is the primary governing body for Immigration Industry in Canada.

  •  Alireza is also, an active member of Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

  • He is authorized by Canada’s government to provide immigration and citizenship advice and services to individuals as well as families.

      Who we are?

     Alireza graduated in Mechanical Engineering program from Tehran University, immigrated to  Canada in 2002, through Federal skill-worker program as a specialist.

  • He and his wife founded a cultural center in Montreal in 2008, at a time when was inadequacy of available social media and networks for newcomer immigrants.  

  • They were dedicatedly providing a wide range of settlement and community programs to Iranian community particularly new -stablished immigrants looking for information and employment.  Assisting parents navigate Canadian schools and education system, holding tutorial languages- courses for newcomer students, cultural activities, literary, art events, poetry festival, book launches, tea shop, movies screen, live music to connect and introduce cultures and community’s members together, at no charge for newcomers.

  • These brilliant records and activities laid groundwork for Alireza to continue and achieve his academic education in Immigration law program to assist Community within a broader framework.

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Alireza Gerami nejad 



# R706257

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